Inventory Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage inventory control policies and procedures across global Tesla operations.

Review, chose and execute warehouse management system solutions for all locations.

Achieve zero inventory without jeopardizing lean operations.

Design, execute and monitor engineering inventory management process.

Audit on inventory by coordinating with external and internal teams.

Meet company inventory needs by ensuring sufficiency of systems and coordinating with SAP teams.

Achieve operational excellence and deliver cost savings through inventory management.

Design and manage inventory management systems meeting facility needs.

Meet customer and company standards on accounting requirements.

Check routine inventory costs that impact KPIs and communicate outcomes.

Support I/O coordinators and receive and ship office personnel.

Engage in Process Improvement and Innovation Team and support LLC. Culture and Total Logistic Control.

Establish measured daily, weekly and monthly KPIs though reports.

Ensure completeness and accuracy of accident investigation and safety communication.

Coordinate with suppliers and merchants on inventory planning and flow strategies, vendor requirements and contingency planning.

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