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Material Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Collaborate with various departments to manage efficient flow of all materials.

Prepare an efficient shipping schedule and evaluate all production schedules and determine all required materials and ensure availability of all materials.

Coordinate with departments to ensure efficient movement of all materials and evaluate all materials sent to production department.

Prepare reports for all materials and manage transportation of materials from one department to another and prepare all production records on computerized system.

Coordinate with all department managers to ensure accountability for all materials.

Maintain all sensitive data information and prepare appropriate project schedule.

Maintain all information for status of materials on weekly basis.

Collaborate with construction team to schedule all deliveries and manage all delays and ensure compliance to all material requests.

Prepare required reports for all cost accounts and procurement to ensure compliance to all account payable requirements.

Prepare required documents and drawings and maintain all files for material delivery sites and prepare efficient work schedule.

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