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Material Handler Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate all goods received with purchase orders and monitor physical count of all inventory and shipping charges and maintain record of all material movements.

Assist to select appropriate materials for all sale orders and pack all products for shipments and ensure safe transport for all departments and facilities.

Maintain accuracy of all process materials movements according to inventory procedures and ensure compliance to all federal and international regulations.

Monitor all issues and discrepancies for all material processes.

Perform research to resolve all customer issues and maintain accuracy of all storage material and supply counts and operate all material handling equipments efficiently.

Collaborate with internal and external resources and assist to receive all materials and supervise working of all material handlers.

Evaluate quality of all materials and prepare required documents.

Maintain all databases and prepare reports for material status and ensure compliance to all customer requirements.

Manage all storage requirements and operated all material handling equipments and assist to ship all materials overseas if required.

Maintain knowledge on all shipment status to assist clients and prepare reports for all shipping volumes.

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