Materials Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Implement aftermarket plan for end unit and spares sales and rotable bank health.

Assist in Production Returns and Quality Issues.

Handle demand, drive supply plan and implement shipment releases for Aftermarket demand.

Coordinate with Sourcing organization to ensure strategy plan support.

Determine shortfalls and strategize to overcome them.

Transition programs into production planning system with Engineering organization.

Allocate material as per business needs with Repair and Overhaul and Aftermarket organizations.

Report and present to senior management and stakeholders on trends and actionable decisions.

Scan and transmit electron microscopes for applications.

Develop experiments to analyze and interpret data to solve customer problems.

Suggest instrumentation to facilitate laboratory growth.

Maintain equipment and interact with vendor service and application support.

Interface with customers to understand needs and plan workflow.

Summarize analytical data and generate reports.

Extend support to support quality control, testing and documentation development and convert technology.

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