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Order Picker Reponsibilities and Duties

Assist warehouse supervisor and receive all pick tickets to ascertain all orders and send appropriate merchandise from shelves.

Administer and pick all customer orders for shipment and evaluate all number of products and monitor shipping of all products to correct locations and handle all equipment efficiently.

Monitor all orders and assemble products for shipment and maintain records of all outgoing shipments and confirm orders with all clients.

Manage all pick orders and provide correct labels on products and prepare pick sheets for all orders and assist personnel to load and unload all containers for export.

Verify all outbound shipments and ensure all damage free goods and provide accurate labels on all products prior to shipment.

Handle and operate all mechanize equipments such as forklift and processes all order effectively.

Organize all orders for shipment and operate all shrink wrap machines and operate various material handling machines effectively.

Evaluate all amounts of orders and ensure stack to same and weigh all orders at time of packing.

Maintain optimal level of security at warehouse and prepare all paperwork for various agencies.

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