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Replenishment Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Strategize on replenishment through current and historical trends analysis to maximize sales, inventory turns and gross margin.

Analyze replenishment titles historical trends to adjust system settings for store inventory.

Track sales to generate sales history and Production Scheduling and Demand Planning data with Replenishment Specialist.

Understand current trends and future plans, adjust inventory and order strategy with field and regional teams.

Recognize and execute enhanced inventory practices with Sam’s replenishment team members.

Direct customer service on decisions relating to expediting product and data changes to prevent out-of-stocks.

Implement replenishment plans on stack-outs, end caps, POG and weekly “Hot Sheet”.

Support VMI manager to formulate entry and exit strategies key drive items.

Analyze inventory to increase or decrease projections based inventory levels.

Handle proper safety stocks at Stores and Distribution Center.

Place promotional products’ orders and allocate to stores on sales performance and inventory levels.

Ensure product availability during ad break by reviewing ad proofs.

Support advertising efforts by assuring 100% stock availability in stores.

Use supply chain strategy to optimize sales and inventory effectiveness for every item.

Participate in meetings by offering replenishment related information.

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