Inventory Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Collect and record distributed hardware information into local computer tracking system.

Document materials required for installations and service work.

Manage van product’s physical count and validate product usage with satellite installers daily.

Record inventory count of periodically warehoused products.

Finish and link inventory transactions of products to accounts.

Prepare daily and weekly inventory status reports.

Support supervisor with inventory replenish reports.

Comply with department’s safety policies and practices.

Monitor and handle pickup and delivery using warehouses vehicles.

Receive, ship, issue and document internal inventory transfer.

Monitor, tear down and reconsolidate warehouse storage racking.

Deliver materials to inventory and finished gods and package and ship on time.

Check material receipt to guarantee quality and quantity of materials.

Manage Government Furnished Equipment inventory and monitor and initiate inventory out-of-stock situations.

Develop, maintain and distribute inventory reports for review and suggest necessary changes.

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