Visual Merchandising Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop market specific strategies for various retail and visual merchandising operations and develop long and short term objectives.

Assist to develop various strategies for improvement of store ambience and display various seasonal items.

Prepare and execute visual merchandising signage and provide solutions to specific marketing requirement and manage all promotional events.

Coordinate with visual merchandising team and analyze zone set up requirement for individual store category.

Work with planning and operations department and develop ways to increase inventory through merchandising store capacity and load.

Develop visual presentations to increase sales through visual impact.

Monitor competitors visual merchandising techniques and incoprate effective techniques in business.

Prepare and maintain a database of dates for all retail and market releases of product and services.

Monitor customer profile and store size and identify appropriate visual presentation for various product categories.

Develop and implement visual merchandising strategies for all marketed items.

Organize training workshops for visual merchandising and assist in setting up of training centers for same.

Evaluate all retail information, identify risks and prepare appropriate strategies to promote sales.

Coordinate with various teams and prepare materials to provide support to various below the line marketing activities.

Coordinate with event and management team and prepare innovative strategies for display.

Participate in various trade shows and live events.

Analyze trade requirement and design strategies with help of new visual ideas.

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