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Work Order Clerk Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor all requests for products and supplies through internet and telephone and process orders as required.

Monitor inventory for products and schedule work according to time and labor force.

Evaluate all orders for appropriate pricing.

Coordinate with various departments for maintenance work according to client requirement.

Analyze various order and requests and assign it to appropriate department.

Interface with vendors and clients and ensure completion of work orders.

Administered status of all work orders and provide support to same.

Maintain and update customer on shipping data and unit prices for all products.

Prepare order form, perform all data entry work and communicate total cost to consumer.

Maintain records of all orders and expected delivery date for same.

Monitor inventory of products and assist control department to maintain stock.

Administer efficient delivery process and ensure timely delivery.

Manage all responsibility for telephone order dispatcher.

Coordinate with staff and manage all order within company.

Perform regular audits and evaluate costs and prepare appropriate documents.

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