Investment Sales Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

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Develop essential forms for funds disbursement plus securities transactions as per COFA policies.

Coordinate and interact with Brokerage and Insurance Operations to ensure statements and remittances are delivered correctly and on time.

Provide information and support to clients related with account statements, reports, remittances and varied transactions.

Initiate own and manage assigned follow-up phone contact and correspondence.

Maintain investment tickler files for consultant.

Participate in Brokerage Curriculum Program related with investment sales.

Establish fresh accounts on Brokerage system, file and develop apt tickler notices.

Compile and provide information for reports plus special projects to convey to upper management.

Develop statistical charts, graphs and tables.

Gather and compile investment information to be used by Investment Consultants.

Support Investment Consultants to develop and manage existing and new customer relationships.

Assist to prepare investment presentations, sales closure and profiling prospective clients.

Assist to maintain customer and prospect client files.

Utilize Bloomberg, Morningstar and varied brokerage databases.

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