IT Infrastructure Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Coordinate with departments and monitor all infrastructural facilities available for business personalities all over world.

Organize qualified and professional team and assist on business strategies and assist in career growth for individual.

Develop various strategies and maintain record of data on business plans round the clock.

Maintain all issues related to sales management and plan Disaster Recovery program.

Prepare plans for all hardware and software programs on an annual basis and prepare forecasts for budget and implement various cost effective methods.

Supervise all Service Levels for production systems including campaign development, recording data and knowledge transfer to faculty.

Coordinate with various departments to work together according to business process requirement.

Administer all sensitive situations and data and associate yearly budget.

Provides support to various system within firm and provide base for infrastructure.

Monitor all critical matters and ensure compliance to guideline to achieve all goals.

Maintain knowledge on all present infrastructural trends and implement all business objectives.

Monitor all IT systems and related instruments to enhance project growth.

Provide training to all faculty members.

Design and monitor effective implementation of all global systems.

Monitor and escalate all issues and provide effective system to client.

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