IT Project Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

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Perform various audits on project management processes and prepare all control documents and monitor all metrics for IT projects and ensure compliance to all processes and assist Project Manager to track all costs.

Maintain and administer all project tasks and maintain all associate project management tools and software and prepare project status reports.

Administer al complex projects and assist all project members to ensure compliance to all project schedule and assist in data compilations and preare all reports to meet all project deliverables.

Manage all project data and integrate same for all projects and maintain all management software and tools and publish all documents.

Monitor all project activities performance and track all cost of projects and monitor performance of all special projects and perform research for various IT procedures and prepare required reports.

Participate in various projects and ensure completion within required timeframe and submit all reports to management and maintain track of all financials to maintain compliance with all budget requirements.

Monitor and resolve all invoice queries and ensure adherence to all calendar and schedule and manage all correspondence with staff members.

Maintain records of all correspondence and organize various team meetings and assist to make required travel arrangements for all organization.

Prepare reports and track all department software and hardware and monitor inventory of all supplies and maintain all office equipments.

Provide support to all hiring processes and manage all payroll transactions and manage multiple projects for all teams.

Schedule all projects and analyze all resource requirements for same and maintain track of all work progress for all assignments and coordinate with Project Manager and Leader to enhance performance.

Develop all materials agendas for meetings and prepare project reports.

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