IT Solutions Architect Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Assist in design and development of infrastructure solutions for IT systems.

Develop IT architectural requirements based on client business needs.

Provide IT architectural expertise to system engineering and development teams.

Review and recommend improvements to existing system architecture.

Recommend process improvements to achieve cost and performance efficiency.

Suggest enhancements based on emerging technologies to improve infrastructure flexibility and stability.

Analyze and troubleshoot infrastructure problems in a timely manner.

Maintain documentations of system software and hardware architectures for reference purposes.

Propose architectural solutions to ensure system usability, reliability and security.

Assess potential risks and challenges and develop mitigation plans.

Provide support in system development, testing and implementation activities.

Provide technical infrastructure support for system integration and migration tasks.

Assist in developing technology plan to meet ongoing and future project requirements.

Work with management on technology upgrades and purchases.

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