IT Systems Administrator Responsibilities and Duties

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Design all servers and maintain effective performance of all systems and assist to install and provide enhancements to all existing servers and configure all hardware and associate peripherals and execute and maintain network infrastructure for all IT applications.

Administer and develop effective enterprise storage system and maintain high performance for same and assist to configure all network equipments and data center systems for clients and evaluate availability of peripherals for smooth functioning of system.

Perform research on all systems and recommend effective and innovative strategies to administer all processes and identify all required resources and prepare cost estimates for same and analyze system to provide tuning and upgrades as per requirement.

Assist other departments to configure CPU and disk partitions for systems and maintain archive of all files and perform repair on all system hardware and software.

Manage all users’ accounts and made required changes or delete accounts as per requirement and prepare and provide support to all contractors for administer systems and assist all technicians in hardware and software applications.

Perform troubleshoot on all hardware and Operating systems to identify issues and develop appropriate scripts to debug all problems effectively.

Analyze all vendor requirements and design and maintain an effective infrastructure roadmap to ensure achievement of all operational objectives and prepare effective technical infrastructure for all clients and documents all changes made to systems.

Monitor processes and perform root cause analysis on systems, identify and recommend improvements to enhance working and perform troubleshoot on all system uses and documents all continuous improvement activities.

Maintain effective relationships with clients gather all requirements and provide upgrade to system hardware and software as per requirements and ensure compliance to all standards and regulations for same and implement all service automation processes as per requirement.

Design and execute all plans to expand system and ensure optimal utilization of all corporate tools to resolve all issues and coordinate with associates, customers and suppliers to ensure compliance to all service levels.

Coordinate with all IT associates to resolve all world issues and document all system processes and procedures and implement various changes on IT processes.

Perform research to design various tools to provide support to SharePoint and analyze effective performance and prepare reports for all system metrics and provide support to all applications for all multiple sites.

Analyze all connectivity issues and resolve all hardware and software issues and install all new servers and advanced systems for effective processes and provide training to IT staff if required.

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