Assistant Executive Housekeeper Responsibilities and Duties

Assume the responsibility of Executive Housekeeper on his absence.

Supervise housekeeping staffs to maintain the facility clean, organized and neat.

Plan and allocate daily workload to housekeeping staffs based on guest count.

Ensure that staffs follow housekeeping policies and safety and sanitation standards.

Recommend cost reduction initiatives while maintaining quality and consistency in work.

Assist Executive Housekeeper in financial forecast, budget preparation and expense management activities.

Generate reports related to expense, labor, supplies and other housekeeping activities.

Ensure that room, hallways and other facility areas are well maintained according to brand standards.

Address guest complaints and inquiries in timely and professional manner.

Ensure that staffs use the cleaning chemicals and supplies safely according to OSHA standards

Ensure that all cleaning chemicals are properly labeled with usage instructions.

Assist in employee hiring, training, performance evaluation, retention and termination activities.

Assist in supporting waste management, recycling and other environmental safety programs.

Educate staffs about company policies, procedures and operations.

Order and stock adequate supplies to avoid shortage and excess.

Process repairs and inspection orders promptly

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