Deputy Director Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with executive director and implement all administrative strategies within required timeframe and IRTEA regulations and develop all communication policies according to board policies.

Monitor all staff activities according to existing policies and evaluate all financial statements on monthly basis and analyze all trends and develop all program grants and financial contracts.

Collaborate with staff and evaluate all programs and activity performance and maintain competency in all organization policies and participate in various community outreach activities.

Manage all communication for organization in coordination with executive director according to timeframe and manage all programs for foundations and community organization and monitor staff for all company programs.

Prepare all program goals and objectives and evaluate progress and effectiveness of all staff and provide support to all its members to achieve all project deliverables within required timeframe and prepare all work plans and grant deliverables as per requirement.

Assist to develop various alliances to achieve all conversation objectives and coordinate with various departments to schedule all agenda for meetings and ensure compliance to all contract deliverables within required timeframe and maintain quality for all procedures.

Collaborate with policy experts and scientists to resolve all complex issues and coordinate with all senior directors to represent company at various meetings and supervise efficient working of staff.

Administer everyday functions for organization and coordinate with executive director to prepare all long term strategies to achieve all goals and evaluate performance of various fundraising programs.

Develop and maintain knowledge on all non profit and social justice organizations and manage all communication with public and donors on various programs and prepare strategies to recommend organization with various social media.

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