Nuclear Security Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze and defend nuclear reactors for vital area (VA) components and identify threats with help of assigned weapons and security tactics.

Participate in training and tactical drills and ensure compliance in Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requirements.

Perform regular foot patrolling on entire protected area (PA), vital area (VA) installations and gates to ensure nuclear facility’s security.

Ensure quality surveillances through automatic instruction check instruments and ensure efficient nuclear security system.

Prepare and monitor communication and security systems to supplement security essentials.

Supervise and monitor centralized alarm system and warning systems and detect any unlawful presence in high security zone.

Administer and respond immediately to any warning generated by alarm for meeting any eventualities.

Analyze and rectify all failed security measures to ensure nuclear 24X7 securities in facility.

Monitor and check all vehicles, personnel and all possessions at entry and exit points .

Manage lawful access control functions at Owner Controlled Access (OCA) entry points to prevent unlawful access to area with any weapons.

Develop and carry out drug or alcohol tests and issue notice to prevent usage or presence in high security zone.

Provide escorts to vehicles that enter zone with permits as per NRC requirements.

Initiate extreme care to enable authorized visits to plant areas.

Perform test on all elements and equipment for security essential on daily basis to ensure no lapses occur in installations and warning points.

Administer and monitor emergency operations and evacuations in event of any accidents or serious threats to installations.

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