Police Detective Responsibilities and Duties

Perform regular investigations for all crimes and establish appropriate witnesses and suspects and maintain knowledge on all factual requirements.

Maintain photographs and fingerprints of all offenders.

Record and maintain all informational files for various suspects and provide update all superiors and perform investigations on all progress.

Manage all communication with victim.

Provide all details of investigation.

Inform victim of any arrests made for crime and evaluate all departmental reports and maintain data of various criminal cases.

Provide assistance to all police officers for details of suspects and offenders.

Coordinate with various departments for police departments.

Evaluate all search warrants and assist to safeguard all property.

Manage all evidences and maintain records of same and present it in court and prepare all requirements for court cases and provide efficient response to all charges and procedures.

Obtain all court dispositions and assist Chief of Police to provide training to all students to assist in all crime prevention activities.

Provide training to all officers and volunteers to resolve all criminal cases.

Perform careful examination of all crime scene.

Maintain record of all clues and evidence and assist to secure deceased body for evident and interview suspects to obtain all evidence.

Assist to testify witness in court and analyze all police reports and establish all information efficiently.

Prepare all charges and court cases to formalize all procedures.

Facilitate to take photographs of all objects found.

Measure crime scene and conduct interviews with all complaints and suspects and record same and prepare summary of crime scene efficiently.

Evaluate all government data and records to obtain more data for suspects and prepare all search and arrest warrants and check crime parameter to ensure security for same.

Provide medical assistance to all individuals.

Coordinate with lab team to perform various tests on evidence collected from scene and monitor all conditions of victims and assist to obtain all required statements.

Assist to seal crime scene and prevent all suspects from leaving area.

Analyze and maintain record of all evidence collected from crime scene and maintain files on all suspects to be presented in court.

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