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Police Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain peace in environment at all times and assist law enforcement teams for same and perform regular investigations on crime and facilitate arrest of all violators.

Monitor and manage control on all traffic violators and assist all citizens in emergency situation to protect all rights.

Ensure compliance to all local, municipal, state and Federal laws to protect all property and establish all crime committed and prepare required paperwork.

Administer all cases and assist to distinguish appropriate criminal and civil cases.

Perform regular foot patrol on assign area as per shift requirement and prepare record for all shift duties and assist to classify all property within required timeframe.

Manage and provide response to all alarms to monitor all crime in progress and make arrest for all suspects from crime scene.

Maintain security of person and property at all times and perform regular patrol on all facilities and assist to make all required arrests.

Perform investigation for all unusual activities and maintain record of all evidence and prepare reports for all sketches.

Manage communication with all law enforcement channels and assist in all kinds of rescue operations.

Monitor all computer surveillance equipments and provide required information to all patients and employees.

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