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Police Sergeant Responsibilities and Duties

Prevent all crime and provide assistance to police departments for all its operations and select appropriate staff.

Provide training to same for police force and participate in squad meetings.

Prepare all reports for all operations and recommend appropriate strategies to implement all objectives.

Determine required policies and procedures and provide training for all firearms usage efficiently.

Resolve all queries regarding investigation and monitor all staff performance and review any arrests made by patrol officers.

Evaluate all records and administer all law enforcement activities and programs and make required arrests for all offenders and participate on all interrogations.

Perform investigation on all unusual incidents.

Maintain records of all complaints received from citizen and supervise efficient working of all activities.

Perform regular investigation to prevent all crime and maintain records for same in evidence room.

Processes and maintain all reports for everyday activities and administer all briefing to subordinates.

Perform regular evaluation of all incident reports and documents.

Maintain accuracy in according to required timeframe.

Collaborate with various departments for various police activities for unit departments.

Evaluate all activities and recommend improvement to all services.

Implement all agency policies and procedures according to required guidelines.

Provide required training to same and conduct orientation classes for all new employees and provide efficient response to all major clients.

Monitor all collateral programs and perform supervision for all specialized teams.

Provide assistance to SWAT and HNT teams and provide administrative support to all management staff.

Manage all requests for same and assist in development of all grant programs and perform various investigation on all internal affairs and monitor all shift activities.

Prepare all reports for trail and evidence and participate in all meetings and conferences.

Evaluate all reports and coordinate with all officers to gather all information on case and conduct interviews with all eyewitnesses and suspects to resolve all cases efficiently.

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