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Assistant State Attorney Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all prosecution cases for felony, misdemeanor, juvenile delinquency, conservation and other types of cases.

Prepare felony cases for prosecution and prepare appropriate reports and criminal charge sheets submitted by police and schedule trials of such cases in court of law.

Develop trial strategy, conduct plea negotiations and align case with appropriate section of law and perform research to ensure criminals conviction as per law.

Perform witness interviews to validate case supporting facts for trial and attend pre- trial hearings and respond or file pre-trial motions to substantiate prosecution charges.

Prepare legal documents and reports and assist in various courts proceeding during trials of each case to ensure criminals for appropriate fines.

Manage all communication with stakeholders and inform of status such as police officials, defense attorneys and victims.

Prepare and respond to post-trial motions and appear in court at sentencing hearings.

Participate in all legal functions related to child abuse and neglect prosecution, illegal drug use, violent crimes, and similar types of cases.

Manage and file juvenile cases in juvenile court and provide necessary support for protective custody.

Administer all cases related to cancellation of parental rights, cases of child molestation and educate various agencies on same.

Prepare child victims to appear in e court as witness and obtain necessary background information from child to support case during court proceedings.

Coordinate with social service people and organizations regarding child adoption procedures, initiate or terminate parental custody and prosecution of child abusers in line with existing laws.

Organize and conduct workshops and seminars regarding child abuses, legal protection for children from such abuses and how to prevent child abuse.

Ensure child support payments as per court verdicts and assist in collection and payment.

Monitor and appear in Federal, state, local and appellate courts as persecution attorney.

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