Contract Attorney Responsibilities and Duties

Develop, assess and negotiate contracts on non-disclosure, consulting, service, consignments, terms and conditions and commercial documents for business units in many areas.

Ensure consistency of contract terms with company policies and goals.

Expedite and review contracts from company’s suppliers, customers and parties.

Review and negotiate contracts.

Reduce company’s contract risk.

Work with in-house attorneys, contract paralegals and company business units to develop contract strategies.

Lead to review best practices to enhance contracts review processes.

Counsel in Falls Church, Virginia office of Office of General Counsel on contract law, financing, formation and close-out.

Assess and identify legal sufficiency as a procurement activity.

Ensure contract procurement and administration policies are consistent with procurement regulations and Comptroller General decisions.

Function as Senior Contract Attorney to offer legal advisory services to clients.

Function as Contract Attorney Team Lead to prepare briefs and represent company before US Government Accountability Office and Boards of Contract Appeals.

Offer legal advice on law of organization operations and contracts with program beneficiaries and general public.

Identify legal sufficiency and comply TRICARE operational policy with Defense Health Program laws.

Offer alternative courses of action to advance agency interests.

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