Legal Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Handle paper document collection, track, scan and code.

Handle electronic data collection, tracking, production and conversion.

Coach legal teams on Ringtail Casebook, Lotus Notes and MS Access.

Educate policies and procedures to legal teams.

Track and communicate project status and issues to legal teams.

Enhance and document current processes and best practices.

Train and manage contract staff on procedures to meet project deadlines and goals.

Offer detailed information allowing area claims manager to make critical decisions.

Determine and interview employees with specific knowledge of event.

Determine if changes were caused by care breach.

Investigate as per area claims manager, risk manager and defense counsel’s request.

Develop legal review business proposals by coordinating with clients.

Function as cross-functional legal and business team member.

Determine, procure and organize attorney and client information on legal and business issues.

Communicate to Law Department on legal matters after attorney review.

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