Assistant Librarian Responsibilities and Duties

Assist Librarian in checking-in, checking-out and circulation of library materials.

Perform patron registration and transaction activities.

Process new books, maintain circulation records and make reserves on requested books.

Manage library data and reports utilizing library software systems.

Maintain library materials including bibliographic and other library files.

Train and supervise library clerks and assistants in their job duties.

Assist staffs in collecting, cataloging, preparing, and organizing library materials according to established policies.

Assist readers in finding books and help students and faculties in research problems and reference questions.

Maintain the library in the absence of the Director or Head Librarian.

Address administrative issues like colleting fines and managing reservations.

Maintain library clean, safe and organized.

Conduct library promotional activities and prepare press releases and newsletters to attract more readers.

Organize book talks, tours, multimedia programs, exhibits and displays.

Edit bibliographic to add or remove items according to current library stock.

Perform routine maintenances of library equipment including computers, audio-visual devices, printers, and photocopiers.

Manage library inventory, perform stock checks, and prepare item list for removal, relocation and binding.

Manage serial collection and acquisition of new library materials.

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