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Head Librarian Responsibilities and Duties

Administer efficient working of all full time and temporary employees and evaluate all performance of librarians and assist to develop various library instruction programs and assist staff and students for same.

Design an efficient information literacy program for all students and supervise expenditure for all activities and allocate appropriate budgets to all programs and coordinate with library management team to prepare strategies to resolve all issues.

Develop annual library and capital budgets and prepare drafts for various reports to assist in accreditations of various college programs and coordinate with library committee and ensure compliance to all user requirements through all library collections.

Manage and assist to acquire all materials and ensure compliance to all development policy and allocate appropriate budgets and evaluate all collections for curriculum and supervise all library services for all community outreach programs and literacy processes.

Prepare and documents all library policies in collaboration with academic affairs and supervise procurement and maintenance of all AV equipments and associate hardware and software and provide required training to all library service personnel.

Participate in all meeting and workshops for library services and assist students with all reference services and provide all required information to staff and faculty and develop all library services collection activities.

Administer and organize various library services and participate in all meetings and ensure adherence to all library policies and procedures and manage collection of library activities and manage subject specialty programs.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all colleagues and academic communities and assist in various library activities and monitor all functions and supervise efficient working of faculty.

Prepare reports for all strategic plans and prepare appropriate budgets and maintain records of all expenditure and analyze all data for library services and functions and prepare design for all public relations programs.

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