Life Guard Responsibilities and Duties

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Maintain safety of all pool occupants and ensure appropriate maintenance of hygiene level and manage all pool equipment.

Ensure compliance to all pool regulations and maintain certificate for all lifeguard and CRP operations.

Maintain pump room and maintain efficient cleanliness of pool at all times.

Administer all swimmers and assist in rescue if required with help of various poolside rescue equipment and manage all dangerous situations for various unsafe activities.

Maintain recreation facility according to all rules and regulations and participate in various recreation activities to ensure security of all children and adult.

Assist all injured guest with all required medical services and maintain efficient environment for all guests.

Assist to arrange all towels according to company procedure and maintain neat and clean pool deck at all times.

Coordinate with manager to prepare reports for all accidents and injury and provide training certifications for various safety procedures.

Perform various processes according to company policies and procedures and maintain all information confidential to protect all company assets.

Greet all customers pleasantly and ensure compliance to all guest requirements.

Monitor all individuals and assist those with disabilities.

Provide support to all co workers and maintain all processes according to quality assurance practices.

Inspect all tools and machines visually and administer swimming pool activities.

Assist all patrons as per requirement and ensure adherence to all safety regulations to prevent any accidents.

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