Freight Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all freight payment for organization and perform analysis on all data collected from external and internal sources and prepare monthly ad hoc reports.

Analyze all data to identify fright trends and monitor route of all private fleet on weekly basis.

Maintain list of all approve carriers, route guides and warehouse list and implement an effective transportation management system and recommend improvement to performance and analyze trend.

Analyze all freight processes and recommend improvements to all transportation and warehouse operations and perform audit on all international and domestic invoices.

Maintain records of carrier pricing and contract rates and resolve all issues in same and monitor all client calls and track all freight carriers and resolve all overcharge issues.

Monitor tracking system, identify all system errors and recommend appropriate enhancement and assist to sort all mail and perform appropriate entry.

Monitor and organize file systems and manage all correspondence with same and ensure compliance to all import and export shipment regulations.

Coordinate with internal team and monitor all payments to suppliers and provide optimal support to supply chain and resolve all supply payment issues and ensure compliance to all international trade regulations and implement any procedural changes in same.

Investigate and resolve all claim issues for inbound and outbound shipment processes for all international and domestic freight.

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