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International Logistics Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with overseas vendors to manage import activities in order to meet service level expectations.

Develop and implement supply chain strategy for international business expansions.

Assist in managing shipment and custom activities for import services.

Maintain good relationship with vendors and service providers to improve overall business performance.

Work with vendors to identify and eliminate logistics obstacles to ensure safe and timely shipping of products.

Develop standard operating procedures and scheduling/shipping practices for efficiently carrying out logistics activities.

Negotiate sea and air freight quotes with carriers.

Inform cost changes, shipment issues, supply concerns to respective personnel and team in timely manner.

Identify opportunities for cost reduction, material flow improvement, and business development.

Review customer orders to determine items to be stocked and shipped.

Create and maintain detailed financial reporting on all import activities including order management, logistics and shipping.

Ensure that logistics system is operated in accordance with local, state and federal customs laws.

Ensure that logistics activities are in compliance with United States Customs and Border Protection regulations.

Recruit, lead and train staff in inventory management and shipping processes.

Develop and monitor international routing instructions for suppliers.

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