Key Account Executive Responsibilities and Duties

Develop new and fresh strategies to respond to high-volume client concerns and meet budget guidelines.

Analyze market needs, develop account strategies and convey to chief responsible personnel.

Propose new products to clients using entire data sources to prepare and conduct optimum presentations.

Identify account distribution and resolve void issues.

Promote price point integrity and involve with retail level -parity at Headquarter.

Contribute in proper product quantity enabling client to retail profitably.

Increase accounts revenue and identify fresh business opportunities adhering to given budget structure.

Recommend main lifestyles and SKU’s through presentations before clients.

Maintain client relations to build excellent reputation for service and produce repeat business.

Interact regularly with top ten accounts related to weekly selling, deliveries and stock availability.

Develop relations between company and client following details to ensure quick response to identified problems.

Recommend management routinely of tribulations and opportunities trying to resolve issues and improve growth prospects.

Maintain steady in-store visitation frequency to ensure implementation of brand presence, door volume, visual roll-out and driving turn.

Plan steadily and arrange work efficiently.

Schedule advance working appointments and respond promptly.

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