Logistics Technician Responsibilities and Duties

Manage and monitor storage and warehouse facilities.

Complete, submit and supervise requests for materials and equipment.

Receive inventories and ensure to ship equipment as well as dispose of equipment following IAW standard governmental practices.

Maintain and update property management databases, expendable items and local procurement funds.

Upgrade and manage local and program operating instructions for logistics.

Head responsibility for complete disposition as well as Property Turn In procedures (PTI).

Conduct technical logistic analysis and provide expertise in program support.

Review field support needs and recommend test and tool equipments.

Establish calibration needs for field systems and equipment inclusive of all maintenance tasks.

Establish technical design criteria to incorporate maintenance capabilities for proposals and products.

Interpret system design according to pre-defined quantitative terms for task time.

Conduct investigation and resolve identified issues post delivery operation, maintenance and service inclusive of design modifications as well as kits.

Perform maintainability and maintenance demonstrations for clients.

Provide assistance to present all safety training classes.

Ensure all organizational equipment are appropriately calibrated and inspected routinely.

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