Mainframe Programmer Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Head responsibility for software maintenance and installation performing as project leader.

Develop and execute disaster recovery plan.

Develop program to retrieve records from current RAS (applicant system) and set right few billing issues.

Develop an interface to present users with functionality to update Applicant Contact information.

Head responsibility to develop billing reports.

Test, code and debug programs from internal design parameters.

Support in user documentation production.

Support in system testing effort for mainframe programming.

Conduct design walkthroughs and code for team peers and client.

Review, analyze and modify programming systems inclusive of encoding, debugging, testing, installing and documenting programs.

Conduct cost analysis, user needs evaluation, in-house system upgrades and customizations, system performance studies and recommend improvements.

Write and support computer applications through close involvement in vendor releases installation and improvements.

Analyze, design, code, test, record and implement production system-needed modifications.

Develop data management systems and data retrieval.

Support training all other Mainframe Programmer Analyst.

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