Maintenance Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Performs work of every trade needed and direct by Company.

Interpret parameters, drawings, blueprints and job orders.

Translates results into workforce efforts.

Establish performance goals and instruct subordinate upholding and craft personnel.

Plan schedule and assign activities of staff engaged to maintain and repair electrical mechanism non-structural and structural systems of building.

Adapt plans along with schedules as required to adapt routine operation and necessary response to urgent, emergency, and specific as time equipment.

Ensure work is attained in responsive way complying to set quality safety guidelines and standards.

Assign and supervise preventive maintenance as well as servicing checklist needed within time limits.

Complete needed records and convey initiating work, control and documentation system.

Conduct and oversee subordinates employee’s on call weekend along with emergency call back services.

Propose requisition and maintain equipment and supplier.

Inspect completed work for compliance with standards.

Guide on technical and administrative aspect maintain and develop personnel.

Support facility maintenance manager with agreed staff action for employees.

Train and update programs for staff under their supervision.

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