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Welder Fabricator Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate all engineering drawings and ensure implementation according to welding specifications.

Perform all welding work with help of forming and cutting equipments.

Provide assistance to production process and mould various fixtures.

Design and produce new parts according to BUCYRUS specifications.

Perform efficient welding of various metal objects with help of gas torch and welder.

Perform repair to damage alloy articles and prepare new articles with help of welding machines.

Perform work with help of various hand and power tools.

Analyze diagrams and specifications and cut all metal accordingly with help of welding torch.

Assist to remove all soft metal for welding.

Evaluate finished products and perform quality checks on products.

Administer all welding activities such as riveting and welding small parts and finished products.

Assemble old units and perform modification and repair work if required.

Collaborate work with metal sheets and apply various insulation materials.

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