Maintenance Worker Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain and manage professional as well as courteous client relations inclusive of client, vendor along with internal team.

Participate actively in all safety meetings.

Perform entire work activities as per established safety and secured procedures.

Head responsibility to mop, sweep, scrub sinks along with service restrooms.

Collect and dispose rubbish as well as waste materials using hand or powered equipment.

Ensure to observe appearance along with premises’ condition.

Convey seniors about safety hazards, repairs or situations demanding prompt attention.

Perform to dust blinds and polish file cabinets, furniture and fixtures, equipments, phones, computers and window sills in entire office areas along with vacuuming.

Prepare cleaning solutions by mixing water as well as detergents or acids in jars as per specifications.

Ensure to make small repairs in restrooms like putting hand soap and paper towel dispensers.

Ensure comfort of all employees through adjusting thermostat settings.

Interact with building maintenance personnel or air conditioner contractor as necessary.

Compile lights’ list requiring repair to be turned over to electrician.

Handle routine restocking of paper supplies for entire copy machines.

Conduct scheduled preventative maintenance along with repair plan.

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