Market Data Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Handle ongoing relationships with business unit’s senior managers.

Analyze, guide and educate on market data products and spend drivers to impact business unit strategy.

Implement cost management programs like under utilized services removal and execute job function profiling.

Manage comprehensive knowledge of vendor strategy, account plans and product roadmaps.

Direct for product demonstrations, pilots and competitive displacement opportunities.

Engage with IT Finance to understand cost allocations and finance methodologies.

Summarize on initiatives and projects.

Work with regional Market Data Analysts.

Interact with business administrators, market data administrations and vendors for query resolution.

Define ordering process for new vendor services and requesting MDM update.

Manage automated market data system operations 24/7.

Design intuition around data validity for organizational needs.

Study market data and collect requirements.

Communicate with users to gather requirements on financial data requests.

Perform financial reporting to account for charges in books and records.

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