Marketing Communications Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Supervise strategy of integrated marketing communication (MarCom) and programs for market segment.

Develop and present value story related to marketing communications.

Analyze and prepare for potential crises as well as catastrophes impacting organization’s image and reputation.

Develop suitable communication strategies to mitigate prevailing crisis.

Supervise messaging from joint ventures to assure consistent general messaging plus communication strategy.

Review communications for all external release along with internal stakeholders to assure no IP violations.

Develop, strengthen, protect and leverage company’s brand, copyrights and trademarks throughout company’s operating geographical regions.

Ensure divisional and market segment branding strategy is steady with corporation’s branding strategy.

Perform with leadership as defined to provide media training as well as develop external messaging to highlight company’s position before audience at hand.

Perform with corporate communications to present media training.

Perform with competitive intelligence of organization to identify and supervise competitors’ strategies of marketing communications and define company’s response.

Develop, manage and support client loyalty programs partnering with marketing management.

Develop and manage organization’s communications to attain or exceed plan.

Perform as business representative on Corporate Communications Integrated Communications Team.

Supervise, develop, direct and lead Marketing Communication team.

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