Advertising and Promotion Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare advertising and promotional plans to achieve sales goals.

Prepare annual budget and determine cost estimates for the advertising campaign.

Monitor and manage expenses within the assigned budget.

Coordinate with customers, sales departments and advertising agencies to collect and analyze information to plan the marketing


Review the advertising layouts and scripts to ensure that they satisfy the customer requirements and quality standards.

Coordinate with various teams including sales, media, graphics, finance, ad agencies and customers for their support and

cooperation to successful execute the campaign.

Coordinate with Department Managers to discuss about sales contracts, advertising media and advertising products.

Negotiate with customers for advertising and sales contracts.

Guide the customers on marketing and technical aspects.

Lead the campaign in a cost-effective manner to achieve the sales goals.

Stay updated with recent market developments in advertising and promotional fields.

Assist in introducing and demonstrating new products to customers.

Develop advertising strategies and policies for the company.

Develop promotional plans to expand the business with new and existing accounts.

Train the team in product advertising techniques and activities.

Participate in trade meetings to promote the products of the company.

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