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Assistant Media Planner Responsibilities and Duties

Assist in coordinating, developing and implementing media plan.

Use research tools to collect and organize information for media planning.

Collaborate with Head Planner to issue buying specification and authorization.

Maintain professional relationship with vendors and organize vendor meetings as required.

Assist in budget preparation and allocation for different media.

Maintain budget reports and control expenses within allotted budget.

Execute media plans and resolve issues that arise during execution.

Evaluate campaign performance data and recommend improvements.

Develop and load search keywords and ad copy in Google Adwords.

Report campaign assets and ad tags to clients.

Maintain complete and accurate media planning records.

Develop and implement media strategies across various media.

Manage media schedules and notify planners about the deadlines.

Review print advertisements, promotional materials and ad placements.

Contact publishers and agencies to coordinate timing and placement of ads.

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