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Associate Marketing Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support and development to all customer centric programs and facilitate to develop businesses for key customers.

Perform various tests on marketing programs and provide support to same.

Collaborate with development team and provide support to all new product launches and promote as required in market.

Administer all projects and ensure effective implementation of all plans from conceptualization stage.

Coordinate with brand and category teams and prepare sales presentations and provide support to consumer programs.

Collaborate with sales team and develop growth programs and specific tools and prepare presentations for all new products.

Design and develop all local marketing plans and manage all communication with internal and external sources.

Monitor customer research activities and interpret all data for developing marketing strategies.

Assist all marketing activities and monitor all PR, promotion on all media platforms.

Coordinate with senior management and develop and update all segment presentation for various marketing campaigns.

Analyze all market condition and forecast all future trends and prepare accurate various order documents.

Perform research related strategies and develop appropriate all related marketing plans.

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