Communications Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Collaborate with media on various levels and initiate ideas to preserve and promote company objectives.

Prepare and edit all kinds of communication material to promote and advertise company policy and products.

Direct, counsel and manage staff from the other departments as well.

Guide and encourage inter departmental staff to communicate effectively and achieve company objectives.

Draw up promotional plans with the communications and business development teams.

Discuss company issues with interdepartmental staff and management and enlist procedures to tackle them.

Draft and revise project proposals and presentations, and enterprise ideas for company communications.

Draft varied material such as articles, notices and web content for increasing company’s reach to the general public.

Assist colleagues in preparing their reports and drafts.

Outline and implement strategies, guidelines, deadlines etc for proposals.

Represent company in print and electronic media.

Supervise edition of company newsletters and magazines.

Consult with productions to Ensure prompt delivery of communications.

Keep informed on latest industry communication tools through constant up gradation of qualification and skills.

Track and review media and legal coverage for Love’s and report regularly to the senior management.

Perform writing and exploring duties on behalf of staff and management and prepare accurate informational documents.

Upgrade and review consistently company’s texts and promotional writ-ups in various sections of the media including the web space.

Schedule interviews and media events and help in preparing reports and seeking approval for use of media extracts.

Manage CEO’s and other video projects for relay to employees.

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