Corporate Marketing Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare budgets and forecast ROI for every corporate division as well as subsidiary.

Perform and analyze customer research, market research, existing market conditions plus competitor information.

Prepare profiles to focus on customer or client demographics inclusive of who they are as well as how to touch them.

Monitor, revise and report on entire marketing activities along with results inclusive of ROI.

Prepare, develop plus maintain subsidiary and corporate brand image along with market awareness.

Prepare, develop as well as maintain corporate website having regular needs evaluation.

Monitor and manage entire corporate internal functionality.

Ensure to deliver marketing activities within established budget.

Prepare employee newsletter, “Accolades” every quarter and “did you know” every month.

Develop and maintain all project proposal covers, organization capabilities information as well as ACCO experience listings as needed for proposal presentations.

Maintain entire information as required for presentation for trade show or career fair boards.

Support with coordination of marketing projects being outsourced to firms outside.

Update on current marketing trends and concepts for mechanical contracting industry.

Provide input to entire ACCO management required for communications methods as well as activities.

Support to develop and maintain firm’s Web-sites.

Interpret and utilize online platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as needed.

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