Customer Program Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with internal teams to create customer plan including specific responsibilities of each team, release schedule, program milestones and deliverables, terms of acceptance, etc

Develop strong and trusted relationship with customers through timely and accurate communications.

Work closely with customers in understanding project requirements and issues for successfully implementing business projects.

Inform customers on business execution processes, marketing/sales procedures, etc.

Facilitate meetings, calls, follow-ups and other communications with clients and management throughout the business project development and implementation stages.

Coordinate, execute, track and deliver various customer projects from initiation through completion.

Analyze project metrics to determine project developments and success factors.

Schedule product and quality reviews to meet client expectations.

Ensure timely deliver of products and services to clients as committed.

Identify and resolve operational and services related issues to ensure customer satisfaction.

Assess risks at the customer project level so as to develop and execute risk and contingency management plans as needed.

Inform senior management and clients on project status, schedules and key issues on regular basis.

Provide timely responses to all customer-driven performance inquiries.

Work with business team in contract renewals, extensions, and scope change activities.

Improve key aspects of the project lifecycle to creatively address complex problems.

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