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Director Research and Development Responsibilities and Duties

Direct individual and multiple departmental teams.

Provide focus to individual team members, report results and risks to management and respond to team needs.

Support management of departmental policy according to current Design Control process.

Establish apt timetables within process to ensure each departmental team’s efforts coincide with these timetables.

Represent departmental interests in all internal and external communication.

Facilitate to coordinate all inter- and intra-departmental inquiries on time.

Design and implement research and development protocols or projects.

Execute advanced analytical techniques to extend scientific theories in innovative research projects.

Utilize diverse knowledge of scientific research principles, practices and protocols in research projects.

Recommend and summarize serving as basis for strategic decisions.

Interact with Lines of Business in team approach to translate company strategic vision into successful R&D products crossing multiple Lines of Business within company.

Provide required current feedback to R&D advisory board about current and future path of R&D organization’s roadmap.

Develop business plan and budget required to execute an annual and multi-year R&D plan.

Develop and monitor metrics as required to manage R&D function.

Convey metrics to ensure appropriate alignment and executive awareness.

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