Global Brand Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and implement innovative marketing strategies to achieve corporate revenue goals.

Prepare budgets and manage expenses to achieve company financial objectives.

Develop marketing plan to increase sales and profitability.

Manage all marketing communications including advertisements, promotions, PR, and web marketing.

Perform market research to identify consumer trends and competitive markets.

Recommend new products or enhancements to product team based on consumer trends.

Assist product team in developing, improving and launching products in market.

Analyze market trends and identify new opportunities for business growth.

Develop best practices for operational efficiency.

Develop business strategies for existing and new product lines.

Develop marketing programs and global promotions to improve brand recognition.

Manage all the marketing activities to meet established goals and timelines.

Manage brand assets and maintain brand quality standards.

Analyze and resolve any branding issues promptly.

Supervise and train team members in their assigned job responsibilities.

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