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International Marketing Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Attend international medical conferences to promote company’s presence and focus on the great impact events and trade shows.

Collaborate with international and national training departments to identify and implement new programs according to local laws and customs.

Maintain all new processes and promote all marketing programs to optimize growth.

Assist department in recruitment and training of sales staff and identify all strengths and weaknesses provide support to sales and marketing team.

Develop, manage and organize all marketing materials and provide an interface with company staffs and international distributors.

Maintain knowledge in regional customer and appropriate requirements and maintain relationship with regional trade associations and industry to promote marketing opportunities.

Assist various departments to initiate strategic decisions and manage development of regional marketing collateral.

Administer and monitor all marketing and P&Ls budgets to monitor marketing progress against budget and goals.

Facilitate product marketing in assigned areas and provide support to marketing personnel on order output forecasts.

Prepare and manage international proposals, license issues, teaming agreements and cooperate with regional marketing to assist on new release assets.

Develop and maintain professional contacts with consultants, customer, international marketing representatives and original equipment manufacturers.

Participate in development and evaluation of marketing budgets according to plans and minimize marketing costs.

Develop and collaborate strategies with international teams, agencies and internal divisions.

Manage all communication with internal teams and provide support to all marketing updates to region.

Manage legal approval process for territories and proposed efficient activities.

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