Online Marketing Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and implement online marketing strategies to generate brand awareness, product sales, ROI and generate appropriate traffic.

Coordinate with product management, sales and marketing teams to actively promote new and existing products and services.

Administer online marketing campaign through proper coordination with management and outside agencies.

Manage all online advertising, events, social media, professional associations and other organizations to generate sales to ensure sales growth.

Analyze customer behavior for site traffic, page performance, click navigation, purchase conversion and shopping pattern to drive sales in virtual shopping environment.

Assist growth with online paid search, referral and affiliate programs, online display advertising and traditional media campaigns to optimize sales promotion, customer acquisition and retention.

Develop press releases, message documents, prepare briefing materials and reports to support sales promotion through public relationships.

Evaluate and update corporate web content that include re-designing home and other pages to optimize campaign effectiveness.

Work with freelance campaign and content developers to bring variety in marketing process.

Mange various internal and external digital sources to enhance user experiences through UX strategy, content strategy, business analysis, wire-frames and online transaction interactions.

Develop an appropriate social media strategy to make use of social media avenues for marketing campaigns.

Deliver excellent online experiences for users by developing strategies to increase Net Promoter Score (NPS) rating.

Monitor competitor activities to identity industry relevant practices prevalent in online and mobile communications for developing new strategies.

Maintain communication calendar and prepare weekly and monthly reports to guide online presence.

Collaborate with with finance department to process purchase orders and prepare media budget.

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