Marketing Operations Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Conduct functions of system administration and oversee organization’s marketing management system, marketing and IT systems.

Supervise operational oversight for particular touch points of system integration and continuing marketing activities.

Develop and maintain prime marketing operations relations with particular set of business partners.

Manage solutions implementation responding to identified partners’ needs.

Assist routine implementation of marketing activities plus campaigns throughout multiple channels and institutions via organization marketing management system.

Establish and identify communicate timelines, priorities and deliverables to ensure goals are met to stakeholders.

Forecast and identify areas enhancing client-centric value plus improve marketing-return-on-investment for entire business.

Coordinate with marketing operations team to report and analyze initiatives.

Develop and conduct training to assure all pretentious staff maintain working knowledge of marketing systems and recommend best practices.

Identify and respond to user assistance, system performance and operational issues.

Translate and execute current processes or develop plus launch processes of new business.

Ensure system arrangement with existing databases along with business analytics.

Perform directly with all external vendors to assure steady business operations.

Lead and direct audits of periodic system performance and plan revision strategies as appropriate.

Supervise and assist operational requirements of team of Event Coordinators and Regional Field Marketing Specialists.

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