Pricing Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Change review throughout universe of holdings and provide reports to portfolio management teams.

Ensure to override checks for entire performance team to ensure precise reporting.

Report daily for client derivative as needed by client agreements.

Ensure to reconcile risk management system and accounting system to make both systems synchronized and update as necessary.

Collaborate with fund custodian to supply and calculate pricing not voluntarily recorded by pricing vendors.

Interact daily with pricing vendors with respect to pricing challenges as well as querying universe.

Collect vendor as well as dealer prices along with aggregation in pricing database.

Participate monthly in portfolio valuation procedure.

Respond timely to queries moving risk management system and accounting system.

Support various team members with special projects.

Respond to external and internal ad hoc requests.

Support to research, archive and gather information.

Facilitate communications department with different press day to day activities inclusive of special projects and press events.

Provide administrative assistance to communications team.

Update and maintain entire city website.

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