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Marketing and Promotions Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Assess potential advertising options, create annual advertising plans for print, radio, web and social media.

Develop effective plans to market new programs and initiatives.

Manage excellent relations with faculty, staff and vendors.

Synthesize marketing and communications efforts with key department activities.

Manage budget responsibilities for marketing and communications.

Meet advertising goals without overextending budget by working with Finance and Accounting Director.

Associate with campus departments to share advertising and promotion costs.

Develop and execute online and email marketing programs.

Liaise between internal divisions to execute in-house promotions and converged marketing activity.

Maintain referral and incentive programs, advertising campaigns and Ad agency relationship.

Maintain partnerships to update marketing messaging and incentives for maximizing ROI.

Ensure channel program and promotion consistency working with third party vendors and internal departments.

Follow campaigns, develop performance analysis reports and suggest for future promotions.

Support social media initiatives.

Engage in pre-project planning.

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