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Marketing and Promotions Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Plan targeted marketing and promotions campaigns for district programs, political advocacy and partner district activities.

Perform districts customer base analysis, lead market research directives to generate and maintain media marketing and promotion programs.

Optimize district website, Internet and social networking presence potential and fulfil other duties.

Assess, research and suggest marketing and promotion of medical education and professional education products and evaluate practice performance modules.

Coordinate with Academy staff to direct annual promotional plans for educational activities to ensure message consistency.

Execute promotional pieces for education products and enable design and production of publications with staff and vendors.

Suggest CME programs development through research, proposals, packaging concepts and launch with Director, Senior Manager and Content Development Manager.

Handle product licensing program and maintain licensing agreements, contract renewals and report for Department of Education projects.

Generate, analyze and distribute monthly reports in product sales and conduct sales and market share analysis to determine new program opportunities.

Execute marketing communications campaigns to members and deliver segmented approach to service members’ needs.

Retain membership through innovation and service members needs.

Plan and execute national events.

Encourage organization through marketing channels.

Manage external agency relationships to ensure strategic and business needs of Association.

Establish educational program of Resource Centers in Annual Meeting, ACADEMY regional meetings and Resident Practice Management Symposium.

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